Legal translation resources in English




• Legal English monolingual dictionaries •

A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, Bryan A. Garner, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001
American Legal English: Using Language in Legal Contexts (English for Academic and Professional Purposes), Debra Suzette Lee, Charles Hall, Marsha Hurley, University of Michigan Press/ESL
Black’s Law Dictionary-Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern, Henry Campbell Black, Minn. West Publishing Co.
Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th Edition, Bryan A. Garner,Thomson Reuters
Burton’s Legal Thesaurus, W.C. Burton, MacMillan Reference Books
Cassell English-Legal Dictionary and Handbook, Samuel Jarman, Cassell Academic
Dictionary of Law, P.H. Collin, Peter Collin Publishing
Dictionary of Legal Terms, Steven H. Gifis, Barron’s
Law Dictionary: Technical Dictionary of the Anglo-American Legal Terminology Including Commercial and Political Terms, Von Beseler, B. Wuestefeld, De Gruyter
Mellinkoff’s Dictionary of American Legal Usage, David Mellinkoff, West Pub Co
Oxford Business English Dictionary for Learners of English, Oxford University Press, 2005
Real Life Dictionary of the Law, Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen Thompson Hill, General Publishing Group
Webster New World Law Dictionary, Wild S. E., Wiley Publishing Inc, 2006

• Textbooks on the main legal topics •

An Introduction to comparative law, Konrad Zweigert, Hein Kötz, Oxford University Press, 1998
Business law, Stephen Judge, Palgrave McMillan, 2010
Cases and Materials in Company Law, L. Sealy, S. Worthington, Oxford University Press, 2011
Civil Procedure, J. Glannon, Aspen Publishers, 2009
Company Law, Lowry/Dignam, Oxford University Press, 2008
Contract Law, E. Mckendrick, Palgrave McMillan, 2011
Contract Law, H. Beale, Hart Publishing, 2011
Cross-cultural Traps in Legal Translation, in Intercultural Aspects of Specialized Communication, Candlin, Gotti, Bern. Peter Lang, 2004
English for Contract and Company Law, Chartrand, Millar, Wiltshire, Ed. Thomson, London, 2008
English Legal System, Ed. Sweet and Maxwell, 2010
Statutes on company law, Blackstone’s, Oxford University Press, 2006
The EC regulation on insolvency proceedings: a commentary and annotated guide, G. Moss, I. Fletcher, S. Isaacs, Oxford University Press, 2009

• Legal translation and legal linguistics textbooks •

Bilingual and Multilingual Legal Dictionaries in the European Union: An Updated Bibliography, Maastrict University, Maastrict, 2011
Comparative Legal Linguistics, Mattila H. E., Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2006
English as a Legal Language, Rossini C., Brill Publisher, 1998
Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations, Journal of International Law and Politics, New York University School of Law, 2006
Language to Language. A practical and theoretical guide for Italian/English translators, Taylor, Cambridge University Press, 1998
Language and the Law, Maley Y., Longman, New York, 1994
Legal English, Maria Gigliola di Renzo Villata, Cedam, 2007
Legal English, Giuliana Garzone, Rita Salvi, Egea, 2007
Legal English, McKay H., Pearson Education Ltd, 2005
Legal English, Haigh R., Cavendish Publishing Ltd, London, 2004
Legal Language, Tiersma P. M., The University of Chicago Press, 1998
Legal Translation in Context, Professional issues and prospects, Albi, Ramos, Peter Lang, 2013
Legal Writing in Plain English: a Text with Exercises, Garner B., The University of Chicago Press, 2001
Legal Writing: Sense and Non-sense, Mellinkoff D., West, 1982
Lost in Translation: Effective Legal Writing for the International Legal Community, Fandl, Lexis Nexis, 2013
Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, Kenneth A. Adams, American Bar Association, 2013
Modern Legal Drafting, 2nd Ed., Celia C. Elwel, R. B., Cambridge University Press, 2006
New Approach to Legal Translation, Susan Šarčević, Kluwer Law International, 1997
Plain English for Lawyers, Wydick R., Carolina Academic Press, 2005
Plain English for lawyers, Asprey, Michele M., The Federation Press, Sydney, 2003
Practical Legal Writing for Legal Assistants, Celia C. Elwell, West Legal Studies, 1996
The Language of the Law, Mellinkoff D., Little, Brown and Co, Boston, 1963
Thinking Italian Translation, A Course in Translation Method: Italian to English, Routledge, 2000
Translating law, Deborah Cao, Clevedon, Multilingual Matters Ltd., 2007



• Legal English monolingual glossaries and dictionaries •

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law
Legal glossary
The free dictionary
Law dictionary
Nolo (list of legal terminology sources)
Glossary of UK parliamentary terms and definitions/
Common law
Michigan legislature
Duhaime Legal Dictionary
Law info
1893 Dictionary of American and English Jurisprudence
Legal glossary
The legal dictionary
Wiktionary Glossary of legal terms
Index to legal abbreviations
US legal glossary
Judicial dictionary

Company formation resources
UK business information
Glossary of business terms
Hostile takeovers
Import, export, trade and shipping
Dictionary of small businesses
Business literacy glossary of terms
Business terms used in compensation and benefits administration
Business valuation terminology
Glossary of import and export terms
Mergers and acquisitions glossary
Glossary of B2B acronyms and terms
Business contracts legal terms
Small business law
Common procurement terms glossary

Criminal justice
Crown prosecution service
Court of Appeal criminal division glossary
HM Courts and Tribunals Service glossary of legal terms
Criminology glossary
White collar crime
Criminal justice glossary

Family law glossary
Divorce law
Divorce terminology
Family rights glossary

Barkley’s financial glossary
Nasdaq glossary of stock market terms
Database of economic terms and concepts
Trading glossary
Money glossary
The free
Smart bond investing
Payments and settlements systems glossary
Central bank of Ireland
Reserve bank of Australia
Financial Times Lexicon
Financial glossary for non-financial managers
Canadian Financial Glossary
Compensation terms
Investment terms
Mutual fund
Payment, clearing and settlement system
Fixed income market
Banking terms and abbreviations
Glossary of trade terms
Economic growth glossary
Bond terms
European Central Bank glossary
Asset management terms
glossary of financial and bankruptcy terms; Credit Limit Model terms
Securities regulation terms
Financial glossary
Finance glossary
Investment and finance explained
Trading terms
Private equity fund finance glossary
List of glossaries and general information on financial crisis
Individual financial planning glossary

Insurance glossary
Pdf guide to the insurance industry
Mortgages, insurance and credit cards
Insurance terms and definitions
Glossary of insurance terms
Insurance glossary
Rod insurance

Accounting glossary
Accounting and auditing terms and definitions
Accounting glossary
Accounting simplified

Human resources documentation
Definitions of HR terms

Trademark glossary
Patent, copyright and trademark terms
Technology and IP law glossary
Patent terminology
Patent Cooperation Treaty glossary and legal texts
Intellectual property terms and abbreviations
Intellectual property and commercial litigation law
Intellectual capital
Patent glossary of terms
US patent and trademark office database
Intellectual and industrial property portal
Patent searching glossary
Intellectual property glossary
Glossary of patent terms
Glossary of patent terms
Intellectual property glossary
Patent terminology
Trademark terms
Copyright content

Cryer glossary
Dictionary of algorithms and data structures
Computer, IT and Internet-related terms and abbreviations
IT glossary
IT governance acronyms
Internet governance glossary
Foreclosure glossary
Tenancy law and housing policy research
Commercial real estate terms
Commercial real estate terms
Real estate glossary
Estate planning
The Homebuyer’s vocabulary by the US department of housing
Glossary for property appraisal and assessment
Glossary for real estate appraisal terms

Mortgage and home equity terms
Mortgages, insurance and credit cards
Commercial mortgage terminology
Mortgage-backed securities glossary of terms
Mortgage glossary

E-commerce law
Conveyancing glossary
Euro-American model – administrative jurisdiction
Antidumping terms
Social security
Glossary of franchise terms
Logistics terms and abbreviations
Diplomatic terms
Election terms
Industrial organisation economics & competition law
Energy glossary
Quality glossary
Glossary of common procurement terms
Fiscal terms and acronyms
Third party logistics, supply chain and fulfillment operations
Marketing glossary
Definitions of concepts used by professional sales organizations
Glossary of tax terms
Glossary of personal injury law terms
Electronic signatures in law
Glossary of committee and meeting terms

• English monolingual dictionaries •

Alpha dictionary (includes legal terms)
The Black’s law dictionary online
Cambridge Dictionary
Merriam Webster dictionary
One look
Webster’s online dictionary
Ask Oxford
The Free dictionary
Hyper dictionary
Cambridge dictionary blog
Acronym finder
US Thesaurus
Etymology dictionary

• Glossaries and plain English version of Latin terms •

UK legal documents
Plain English translation of Latin maxims glossary of Latin terms
Plain English guide
Plain English – financial terms
A plain English handbook: how to create clear SEC disclosure documents
Federal plain language guidelines
Legal drafting in English – the big picture on the small print
The Adobe Legal Department Style Guide (a guide for clear legal writing and document creation)
English Style Guide – a handbook for authors and translators in the European Commission
Plain English Movement – history and bibliography

• National and international institutions •

United Nations
UK Parliament
UK government information
UK Law Commission
Comprehensive overview of Italian succession procedure
British and Irish legal information
The Crown Prosecution Service
High Commissioner for Human Rights
Cornell University
Pdf on how UK legislation is made
UK legal system
Worldwide governments
International norms and standards
English translation of worldwide constitutional documents
World Legal Information Institute (1253 databases from 123 jurisdictions)
WIPO (Search facility for national laws and treaties on Intellectual Property of WIPO, WTO and UN members)
European Network of Registers of Wills Association
UNIDROIT (International institute for the unification of private law)
General information on contracts
General information on workplace arbitration

• Law encyclopedias •

Find Law
Lect Law
Nolo Legal Encyclopaedia (articles on everyday legal topics)

• Language corpora •

British National Corpus
UNIBO English Corpus

• Legal libraries •

Lect Law
Constitutions, treaties and declarations
Electronic journal of comparative law
Contract law database
Company law library
IALS – Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
TRANSLEGAL (Legal English language tools, resources, courses, testing)

• General libraries •

The British Library
US Library of Congress

• Press •

The world press
The paper boy
Law Journals

• Forms and templates •

US judicial
Free sample documents, forms and contracts
Business contracts, lease and licensing agreements and other business forms
Legal forms, contracts and letters
Library of standard contracts, checklists and clauses
Companies House forms